Live Date Project NameFunderAreaProject Lead
RESOLVE Registry
Using data collected at sites to create a palliative care outcomes registry
Yorkshire Cancer ResearchPalliative CareProf. Fliss Murtagh
Defining the links between loop diuretic prescriptions in patients without a diagnosis with heart failure and heart failure related events
CardiologyDr Joe Cuthbert


Live Date Project NameFunderAreaProject Lead
Aug 2022Phone App Study
The development of a mobile phone app to capture the journey time and patient experience throughout a day in the life of cancer patient attending hospital.
CancerCharlotte Kelly
Police response to Domestic Violence
Improving Police Response to Domestic Violence
PHDCrimeLeticia Couto
Feb 2022eVRU3
NHS Digital Data
An impact evaluation of Violence Reduction Units in England and Wales
Home OfficeCrimeProf. Iain Brennan
NHS North England Commissioning Support Unit
Using monthly data extracts from primary care and SUS data from NECS to evaluate impact of The Hull Asthma Project
Astra ZenecaRespiratoryDr Mike Crooks
Jan 2022Ethnic Inequalities in Cervical Screening Uptake
UK Data Service Data
Using data from 2018-20 to conduct a cross-sectional study.
StudentCancerDr Jo Cairns /Deborah Chilekwa
Oct 2021Socio-economic inequalities in cancer diagnosis
NHS Digital Data
Using tumour level records of all colon and ovarian cancer diagnoses in 2016 and 2017 across England
PHDCancerBen Pickwell-Smith
June 2021HEBECO
HEBECO Dataset
Associations between physical activity and alcohol consumption among UK adults during the middle stages of the COVID-19 pandemic.
PHDCovid ImpactsLady Akwa
Dec 2020Pathways of Care
CUREd Dataset
An investigation into the pathways of care for people with chronic respiratory conditions presenting with breathlessness from the urgent and emergency care research database.
RespiratoryProf. Miriam Johnson
Dec 2020ASSOC PA & AC
ALSPAC Children of the 90s and education data
Associations between physical activity, risk of alcohol-related harm in adolescence.
PHD AlcoholSapsha Codling


Live Date Project NameFunderAreaProject Lead
Apr 2021Alcohol withdrawal risk factors
NHS Digital Data
Modelling risk of alcohol withdrawal in the acute hospital setting .
PHDAlcoholRachel Coleman
NHS Digital Data
An impact evaluation of Violence Reduction Units in England and Wales.
Home OfficeCrimeProf. Iain Brennan
Jun 2020Alcohol Length of Stay
NHS Digital data
Exploring the impact of length of stay on alcohol withdrawal hospital readmissions.
University of HullAlcoholProf. Tom Phillips